About Us


At BLOT we believe that the tools used for learning should be fun. Think about it. Why not? It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize that the more fun it is, the more likely you are to enjoy it and do better at it. So we came up with a cool batch of colorful, vibrant school supplies that are designed to get YOU pumped up about being productive and creative. Whether it’s an assorted barrel of our ball point pens or our fun coloring gel pens, everything we make is designed for you to show off your personality and just as important--your skills.

You’ll discover the magic of BLOT when you use our school supplies as they help you ace that research paper you’ve been working on while at the same time adding a juicy dose of color in everything you do. Best of all BLOT school supplies are not hard on the wallet which makes moms happy! And by the way, BLOT is perfect for the office too!

So welcome to the colorful world of BLOT. Don’t be shy. Dive right into our school supplies and let BLOT help you to have some real fun with your school work. Now you can express yourself like never before with coloring gel pens, stickers, pencils, highlighters and more. Let BLOT help pave the way for your educational success.

When in doubt, BLOT it out!