Studying For A Test? Use An Orange Highlighter To Help You Ace It!

Jul 24th 2017

Did you know that the color orange can give you a boost of energy? It's true. Studies have found that the color orange increases the blood flow to your brain. The result is you take in more oxygen and even stimulate more brain activity for stronger focus and concentration. In other words, you can use the color orange to help you get better grades and help make studying easier. Just think of your new orange world: orange books, orange paper, orange classroom, orange chalkboard. Struggling to study or to pay attention in class would be a thing of the past, right?

Well not so fast. Too much orange can also have a not so good effect. While orange does boost your energy, too much of it can can over-excite you and in some cases, make you too hyper and unable to concentrate at all. Not good.

That’s why we suggest using the color orange in small doses. Need to underline or highlight something? An orange highlighter is perfect for the job. Not only will you easily be able to track something you’ve highlighted due to the brightness of the color, using an orange highlighter will help you to remember what you’ve highlighted for an upcoming test or essay. In this way the color orange can become your school work’s best friend. Don’t believe us? Try it out. 

Start using an orange highlighter for your school work and see if there’s any difference in how much you remember. Compare that to how well you did before without using an orange highlighter. We bet over time you’ll see a difference. Fact is, using orange to highlight notes or reading assignments could be the difference between an “A” or a lower grade. Let orange become your secret weapon for success!