Help Your Imagination Soar With The Color Blue

Aug 30th 2017

Does feeling sad mean feeling blue? Not necessarily. Matter of fact, the color blue can be a powerful helper when you’re trying to invent or create something. From having fun using building blocks to solving a really hard difficult math equation, the color blue has been found to even help students when working on creative assignments such as science and art projects.

You’re probably using blue in many ways already and not even know that it’s giving you a creative boost with tasks that require a little extra imagination. Like orange, you can use blue as a highlighter. But unlike orange which can excite you, blue calms you down and helps you relax to let those creative juices flow. Blue paper, blue ink, and blue highlights have also been found to help improve reading comprehension. If you find yourself unable to concentrate or if you know that you have attention-deficit challenges, try to use blue when doing your homework. A blue highlighter or blue pen will help to keep you calm and focused when reading and highlighting text.