Concentrate With Green!

Oct 16th 2017

Ever look at a field of green or a forest? Now only does it calm you down it also makes it really easy to concentrate. Green is probably the most calming color there is. Why? Because it reminds you of nature. Green has long been known for its calming abilities as well as being an excellent color for long-term concentration. Green helps you to see things clearly when you’re about to make a decision.

Often described as a natural peacemaker, studies have shown that students perform better in classrooms painted in green. While mom probably doesn’t know this, shoppers tend to buy more things in stores that are painted in green! Green is also used a lot in hospitals since it is so relaxing and tends to help keep patients calmer.

Green also helps refresh you when you’re tired. It’s no accident that many breaks rooms for workers to rest or to have lunch are green. Makes sense to take advantage of green’s calming effect when you’re trying to study or read. If there’s a room painted in green at home, try to use it if possible for reading and studying. You can even use a green pencil or sticky notes to remind you of reading homework or things you have to do that are associated with your studies. Let's grab a green pen and get focused!